Friday, March 18, 2011

Start Times/Frequently Asked Questions

Your approximate start times are posted on our Fight for Air Homepage or CLICK HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  Timeline of the Day
**These times are approximate times**  
8:05 AM - Opening Ceremonies
8:30 - 8:37 AM - Elite Climbers (Group A)
8:38 - 8:45 AM - Individual Climbers (Group B)
8:46 - 8:56 AM – Climb Teams (Group C)
8:57- 9:06 AM – Climb Teams (Group D)
9:07 – 9:14 AM – Climb Teams (Group E)
9:14 - 9:20 AM - First Responder Teams (Group F) 
10:30 AM - Awards Ceremony/Post Event Celebration (8th FLOOR)
            **Please note:  We cannot start the awards ceremony until everyone has crossed the finishline and the times are calculated.  Thank you for your patience as the timing company provides all the times.


There are a number of parking garages around the building.  We suggest that participants and their guests park in the The Mellon Square Parking garage.  It is one block away from the building, in front of the Omni Hotel.
Click here for more information and to find directions.  

Where are the restrooms?
            Take the elevators to the 8th floor, there will be signs directing you to the bathrooms.  Men are near the viewing room, Women’s are near the food/beverage room.

Where is the water?
            Water stations will be located in the lobby, and at floors 
5,  10,  22,  29,  35.  Water and Gatorade will also be available on the 8th floor.

Can we carry stuff on us while we climb?
            iPods, heart monitors, etc. may be used, but must be worn properly.  For example, cords must be tucked, no loose cords may dangle from your body as could be cause for injury.

Is there a place to leave my bag during the event?
Yes.  Check your belongings at the bag/coat check after receiving your climb bib.  We use your bib number to keep track of your coat/bag. 

Coat & Bag Check will be available on the 8th floor of the building (post event celebration location).  We suggest leaving all valuables at home or in your car because the ALA or building managment will not be held responsible for these items. Thank you!
How does timing work?
            Every single climber is professionally timed (chip timing).  Attach the chip on your shoe.  MAKE SURE YOU DON’T LEAVE THE 37th FLOOR WITHOUT GETTING IT CUT OFF!!

Are there awards?
-  Fastest overall climber (both male and female)
-  1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each age category
-  Top individual fundraiser (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
-  Top fundraising team
-  Largest Team
-  Fastest First Responder in Full Gear
-  Fastest First Responder Team in Gear (top 4 fastest times)
-   Fastest Team (top 4 fastest times)
-  Most team spirit
-  Ribbons will be given to those returning climbers that beat last year’s time.
Awards will be handed out at the post-event celebration.  If you are not there and win an award, we will send it to you.
Live Streaming Video of the Finish Line 
There is no room at the top of the tower for on-lookers and supporters.  We will have a live video of the finish line (the 37th floor) playing in the "viewing room" on the 8th floor for any family members and friends of the participants who wish to view all throughout the climb. 

 T-shirts/Goodie Bags
 They can be picked up at the 8th floor (the post-event celebration location) after you finished climbing.  Keep the corner of your climber bib for t-shirt pick up.  You cannot receive your shirt and goodie bag without your bib.

How do I view my climbing results?
Unofficial results will be provided during the event (when available) at the post event celebration.  The timing company will email the timing results link after the race.  Official results will be available online at on our website Monday morning.

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