Friday, March 18, 2011

Climber Instructions

Climber Instructions


·        The STAIRS are to the left of the elevators, next to the Fifth Third Bank entrance.
·        We will be calling your Group letter to line up, starting with Group A.  You will be lining up over to the left, along the elevators.
·        Be on the lookout for announcements and signs calling your Group to line up.  We will be sending small groups outside to the start line at the bottom of the stair well. 
·        Water stations are on the 5th, 10th, 17th, 22nd, 29th, and 35th Floor.  Bottles of water at the top (37th floor)
·        Once you get to the top- turn to the left and take a walk around the observation deck.  Take a look at the amazing scenery & congratulate yourself, grab a bottle of water, and then move on to the elevators which will take you back downstairs.  From there you can go to the other set of elevators and go to the 8th floor for the Post-event Celebration.
·        It is important that we keep the flow of traffic moving from the Top of the Tower observation deck, so please move to the elevators in a timely way.
·        In the “viewing room” on the 8th floor, you can watch a live feed of the Finish Line and see your friends and team members as they finish their climb.
·        On the 8th floor you can pick up your t-shirt by turning in the raffle tag on the bottom corner of your climb bib.  You have to turn this in in order to receive your t-shirt.
·        On the 8th floor you can also enjoy complimentary snacks and food provided by numerous donors for all of our guests. 
·        Race results will be emailed by the timing company and will be posted on our website by Sunday morning.


·        Climb to the RIGHT, PASS on the LEFT
·        Emergency Medical  team is on site
·        Volunteers are stationed throughout the stair well and at the water stations and can contact the EMT’s if needed.
·        If you need to get out – and do not want to finish the climb you can get off at any one of the water station floors.  Volunteers will escort you to an elevator which will bring you back down.

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