Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fundraising Tips

The days have flown by and the Fight for Air Climb will be here before we know it!  We put together a few tips and ideas to help you reach your fundraising goal with the limited amount of time left. 

We want to also thank you in advance, because the donations you raise are very important in carrying out the mission of the American Lung Association.  They support our programs geared toward helping people quit smoking, advocating for healthy air and educating thousands about lung diseases like asthma, COPD and lung cancer, as well as funding lung disease research.  We greatly appreciate your support and passion!

How to raise $300 in 8 days:
Day 1:   Pledge yourself = $20  
Day 2:   Ask your spouse/partner, boyfriend/girlfriend to sponsor you = $20
Day 3:   Ask mom/dad for $20 each = $40
Day 4:   Ask 4 friends for $10 each = $40
Day 5:   Ask 4 neighbors for $10 each = $40
Day 6:   Ask 2 relatives for $20 each = $40
Day 7:   Ask 6 co-`workers for $10 each = $60
Day 8:   Ask 2 teachers/business associates for $20 each = $40
·  Post your fundraising page link everywhere you can:
o   Facebook Status
o   Create a facebook event and invite all your friends
o   Post on a friend’s wall or send a group of them a message.
o   Twitter
o   LinkedIn
o   Email signature
o   Emails
·  Personalize your fundraising page.  When your friends and family see your fundraising page, “wow” them with the effort you put in to it by uploading a picture and explaining why you’re climbing up 722 steps.
·  Express your Goal.  Let your friends and family know how far away you are from your goal.  They may donate more if they know they’re going to be the one that puts you over your goal or gets you to the half way mark.
·  If you’re keeping track of donations on a pledge sheet or on an envelope, indicate your own contribution and make sure the top few are significant donations.   Others are likely to follow along with the same amount.
·  Aim high!  Ask for $100 and settle for $50!  Base your amount on their ability to give.
·  Ask at least one person a day to sponsor you – don’t prejudge whether people will give or not.  The worse they could say is no and you move on to the next person.
·  Be passionate about fundraising.  If you show passion in your voice when explaining how important the donations are, people will feel honored to donate.  The more effort and passion you put in to fundraising, the more money you'll raise.
·  Carry your collection envelope with you at all times.  You never know when someone will donate.
·  Tell your sponsors why you’re participating for the ALA.  Emphasize that more than 35 million Americans suffer from lung disease, everyday 11 people die because of asthma, and that more money is needed to fund lifesaving lung disease research.
·  Follow-up, Follow-up.  People want to donate, but like you and me, their lives are busy.  Don’t be afraid to follow-up unanswered emails, letters or phone calls - sometimes people have forgotten or just need the extra little push.  Remind them nicely and express the urgency… we only have a few days left!
·  Ask ten friends for $10 each!  You’ve reached $100 – but don’t stop there!
·  Matching Gifts.  Ask your donors if their company has a matching gift program.  You can easily double your pledges through matching gifts! 
·  Don’t forget to say “thank you!  It is important to promptly thank your donors for their support with a thank you note.